Thursday, September 3, 2009

From D Will

Latest D Will tweet:

"Had a good workout.. My team Tim Drisdom, Fes, PMill, and Ronnie B went 5 and 1 against Memo, RP, CJ, John Milsap and E rematch tomorrow 9 am."

Now, as someone who has played some pickup in my day, I can say that "5 and 1" is a shellacking, especially given that two of D Will's guys were Fes and Tim Drisdom. Perhaps "E" is a guy CJ's team picked up off the street. Or perhaps -- and this is probably more likely -- Memo is out of shape again. Because he should have killed Fes in that run.


Draft Guru said...

Nice post. I think the reference to E. is to Eric Maynor. With DWill, Millsap and Brewer on the same team... I'd hope they'd be pretty dominant.

Tucker McCann said...

What does Drisdom do for a living?

I remember when we played (i.e. dominated) intramural ball at the U, and he made fun of my Sonics shorts. It was a low-point of my life.

Pasty Gangsta said...

You're probably right. . . "E" is Maynor.

But you've got to think that in at least a few of the games they were pounding it inside to exploit the Memo-Fes matchup. . . and coming up short.

If you guys killed Drisdom in intramural hoops I wonder what the pros do to him.

Orlando said...

Drisdom didn't play intramural sports: he just came to cheer against us/make fun of Booner when we played the football team's basketball team.

I agree with Guru. those teams are stacked from DWill. The other team was basically Memo and two small backup point guards. CJ doesn't count.

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