Thursday, February 11, 2010

All-Star (Break) Dreaming

After a strong 9-game winning streak, the Jazz finally fell to another team. It just sucks when that team happens to be the Lakers.

I think I'd rather settle for an exchange of 2 losses (to anybody BUT the Lakers) to every 1 victory we could have over the Lakers. I don't like the Lakers.

To make matters worse and even more unbearable is that the Lakers have an undisputed advantage over us (and over most teams in the NBA). They're better at most positions and they're a terrible match-up for us due to their size, length, and versatility.

We have no match-up for Odom. Even with Kobe Bryant not playing, we still can't take advantage of them because of Odom. Lamar always seems to play his best game against us. Boozer and Millsap just aren't versatile and quick enough to stay in front of him. Pau Gasol is just too big and mobile to handle in the post. In this regard, the Lakers are a difficult match-up for us.

With that being said, I'll forget about this loss over the All-Star break weekend. As an excuse, I'll blame the loss on two things... Tired legs from playing a back-to-back (we always lose one of the two) and All-star break dreaming (our guys were gone mentally on vacation). That will certainly help ease the pain.

Hope DWill represents during the All-Star break. Let the games begin!


Pasty Gangsta said...

Pretty poor showing last night. But a good reminder that the Jazz can still disappoint, lest we get too excited.

The Lakers are a better team than us. BUT, if we play our game we match up well with anyone else in the West. If we play our game after the break we could still wind up in second place in the conference.

Tucker McCann said...

I attended the Lakers game, and it's been years since i have seen such a terrible performance. The game was over 6 minutes into the 1st quarter. The Jazz didnt even compete. The body language was awful. We shot like 30% from the line and 0% from three point land. Just a terrible terrible night.