Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boozer the Great

You try and stop him! I don't think anyone can right now. Carlos Boozer is playing some invinceable ball. Last night, he went off for 33 points and 16 rebounds. Boozer has been averaging 24.5 points and 14 rebounds over the past four games since the trade deadline passed.
Boozer has also expressed interest in remaining a Jazzman over the long-term. He likes being a member of the Jazz!
I'm amazed at how the circumstances surrounding Carlos Boozer seem to change constantly over the course of time. Last year, he was destined to leave. This year, he was supposed to be moved. But, Boozer remains with the team and continues to thrive. Go figure!
Is it because he's in a contract year? Is it merely because he's finally "fully" healthy? Or has he just discovered his groove with the team?
I think there may be a great possibility that Boozer re-ups in the future with the Jazz. Ronnie Brewer has been moved... Kyle Korver comes off the books... And Matt Harpring's contract belongs to OKC. There will be some $$ to spend under the tax to retain Boozer. However, as we all know, everything will depend on Boozer's greedy desire for more money. That will be the determining factor. Will the Jazz show him the money?
Regardless, I've enjoyed the way Boozer has been playing recently. I hope he continues to lead the Jazz to more victories. We're playing some good ball.

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Tucker McCann said...

If we re-sign Boozer, I would limit it to 3 years and put a provision in his contract that lays out certain salary deductions if he doesnt play over 70+ games in any given season.

I guess what i am saying is this: he is playing great ball, but I still dont trust him.