Thursday, February 18, 2010

Best of Luck, Brewer

Goodbye Ronnie! Best of luck to you in Memphis. I enjoyed having you on the team over the past few years. You were exciting to watch on the floor due to your tremendous athleticism. I would have traded Korver instead (more savings)... but... the ladies of SLC would riot and have nothing of it. The asset we get in exchange... A protected 1st round pick in 2011. Nothing exciting. Boozer stays.


Orlando said...

Too bad that the CJ Miles/Harpring contracts have cost us Brewer and Maynor.

I'm sure that first rounder is heavily protected.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Ronnie, you played well for us. But let's be honest -- you weren't the best baller ever and we have a lot of guys who play your position.

On another note, last month on this very blog Booner promised that Brewer would not be traded to Memphis. Which begs the question: has Booner ever been right about anything in his entire life?

Tucker McCann said...

Booner is almost ALWAYS right.

In any event, I dont like this trade much. I know that Brewer is not LeBron, and to be honest, I dont know that we are that much worse of a team without him, but we get nothing in return except a lame chance to start over drafting a young guy that we'll have to invest in for 3 years and then trade him for a future pick.

Bad cycle.