Friday, February 5, 2010

Clean Shave

DWill has finally gotten rid of the grizzly beard he was growing. In an effort to inspire the Jazz to win 5-games in a row, Deron grew that crazy-wild growth of facial hair and hoped that it would make a difference in the way the Jazz played. Well... it worked. Job well done, young man! The Jazz have accomplished the 5-game win streak and now the beard is gone. The only problem is... I'm superstitious... and I actually hope that he grows it back. We've played so well!

"It's gone," Williams said. "I feel lighter. I feel like I can jump higher."

Boozer has returned to practice and will be prepared to play against the Nuggets. It's good timing for the Jazz because we'll need him against the Nugs at his best. The Nuggets have owned the Jazz over the course of this season.

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