Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jersey Evolution

Where will the Jazz jersey evolve to next season? I think all of us fans have enjoyed watching the Jazz play in the old school retro jerseys this season. The green and gold have provided us with some good luck. We've played well in those jerseys. Many of us have felt quite partial to the Utah Jazz colors of green, gold, and purple. We enjoyed some good seasons in those uniforms. Infact, we should have never changed those colors during the seasons that we made it to the Finals. Our colors constituted all shades imaginable... turqoise, dark purple, light blue, sea-weed green, copper. It was good that we made the switch to navy blue and light blue, despite the fact the Mavs and Griz made a similar change. Nowadays, I'd personnally enjoy another switch. It's time to officially move back to the note. It's go time! This ones for you, Sikma.


Anonymous said...

Guru: Thx for the shoutout and quality post on the Jazz Uni situation. As the Crotty Kid has espoused for years the NBA should force all teams to go back to their uni's that they rocked from the 80's to mid 90's. In fact, I'm wearing my Terry Cummings Bucks throwback jersey that features 3 shades of green as I write this comment.


Jack Sikma

Jason said...

The "UJ" logo is TERRIBLE - worst logo in the league!

The mountains aren't bad, but SCREAM 80s - and not in a Bon Jovi cool way.

Bring back the music note!!

great post!

Pasty Gangsta said...

Secret stat (compliments of the D News): "The Jazz are now 7-1 in their throwback green uniforms, which date to the franchise's birth season in New Orleans."

Orlando said...

First rule of jerseyism: never change your color scheme.

The Jazz are not blue. We came into this world with green, gold, yellow, and purple. That's who we are. It doesn't make any sense to switch. What if the Celtics decide to be red and gold? Or the Lakers pink and black? It's ridiculous. And don't get me started about the black and flesh colored monstrosities of the Bryon Russel era.