Monday, February 8, 2010

Deron Interviewed by Harpring

Here's a stellar interview conducted by ex-Jazzman Matthew Harpring. Some interesting things I learned:

1. Deron cannot be guarded by anyone in the league.
2. Deron doesn't have a lot of respect for Channing Frye's game.
3. Matt Harpring made the all-NBA rookie team.

Some interesting things that I already knew:

Fast Forward to the 1:40 mark.


Tucker McCann said...

glad we could bring jarron collins back into the discussion.

he was the WORST!

Pasty Gangsta said...

That was actually a pretty good interview. Deron's arrogance combined with his familiarity with Harping had him saying a few things he might not have otherwise said.

Let's be honest -- and Booner and I were on the same page here, with a lot of support from the Golden Griff -- Collins never should have been in the league, let alone STARTING games for us.

Anonymous said...

he doesn't say he doesn't respect frye...he is just surprised he was on the rookie team

Orlando said...

Yeah, maybe he respects Frye and his physical presence. But he reacted to the fact that he was on the rookie team like I'd react upon learning that Jerry Sloan was on the cover of GQ.

michael jordan said...

i pity you, jazz fans

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