Monday, August 4, 2008

Arroyo to Israel

Carlos Arroyo, former Jerry Sloan whipping boy, has signed a three-year deal with powerhouse club Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Arroyo joins a long list (8) of NBA players that have skipped town after last season to sign in Europe (I know, Israel isn't techinically in Europe, but just play along). ESPN's Mark Stein claims he's just the second player (after Childress) to establish himself in the NBA before bolting to Europe, but that's debateable: he averaged about 20 minutes per game last season, fewer minutes than Childress, Carlos Delfino, Juan Carlos Navarro and Bostjan Nachbar last season. And did he ever really "establish himself?" Aside from claiming the title of second best Puerto Rican to play for the Jazz, he put up 12 points and 5 assists as the starting point guard for a terrible Jazz team. I wouldn't call that established. Let's just lump him in with the other mediocre backups that the NBA has lost and continue to assert that Childress is the only really surprising loss. So far.

As you can tell, I was never a big Arroyo fan. TCG's esteemed Booner, on the other hand, was. In the comments to this post, I expect Booner to give us the inside scoop on Mr. Arroyo. Booner had such a personal relationship with Carlos that he (A) once beat Arroyo in a game of horse and (B) can comment on Arroyo's opinion of homosexuals. This should be good.


Tucker McCann said...

And now, as promised, the personal Arroyo insights. 1) I actually DID beat Carlos in a game of horse, but only because he was following Raul Lopez, and I was following Arroyo, and Arroyo missed all of Raul's shots thereby requiring me to make NO shots. But still, a win is a win. 2) Arroyo accused Phil Johnson of being racist, and 3) he knew Ameachi was gay long before I did, and a final 4) he held the ball every possession until there were single digits on the shot clock and it drove me NUTS!

Orlando said...

Grand! This may need to be turned into its own post.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Arroyo and Lopez running the point for us. . . I'm surprised we didn't win 60 games that year.