Monday, August 11, 2008

China's Fascination

The popularity of the NBA is hitting new heights in China. During USA's dismantling of Yao's squad, 101-70, China's resident crowd began cheering for the NBA Stars from America. Carlos Boozer even mentioned to the D-news that the Chinese crowd may have been cheering louder for the US. "They cheered for us as loud, if not louder, than they did for China." Deron Williams almost agreed with Boozer stating, "I thought it would be more one-sided, but it was really mixed...We're really proud to be a part of that - the fans have loved us here."

On top of it, with a population of 1.3 billion people and as a host to the 2008 Olympic games, China may have posted the highest TV viewership of any sporting event ever, through the US vs China basketball game. As Deron mentions, "When the ratings come out, we'll see. Hopefully, you've played in the most-watched sporting event ever."

With so much attention and popularity in China focused on USA basketball and the NBA superstars, will it produce more Chinese basketball phenoms, along the lines of Yao, Yi and Wang? And will the Jazz get in the mix for a Chinese hoopster? To an Energy Solutions Arena near you...


Tucker McCann said...

"If the jazz sign a Chinese player, then I am no longer a Jazz fan."


Orlando said...

The Jazz need to sign Ma Jin.