Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Harsh Reality

Ouch! Reality set in last night as the Jazz fell hard to the Lakers.

While I believed the Jazz could perhaps make this thing a series and tie it 2-2, we followed our impressive showing on Thursday night with a stunning Laker domination.

The Lakers scored 40 points in the 2nd quarter to put us on our heels. We were never able to recover from an on-slaught of Laker points... outscored by 12 in each of the middle quarters. We were never able to get stops and scores. Until finally, we found ourselves down 20 in the fourth. The Laker wave just completely rolled us over.


When Kobe scored the first 7 points of the game for the Lakers, I knew it was probably going to be a long night. He continued his scoring barrage early and often. He had 13 of the Laker's first 15 points. Most of his shots were well-contested and guarded by Ronnie Brewer. What can you do when someone gets that hot? Kobe went on to set the tone and finished with 38. Thirty-eight!


Both Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams had respectable games. Each player scored 23 points a piece. Boozer was in double figures for rebounds while Deron had double figure assists. They both played solid games. Unfortunately, we didn't get much else from the others. Kirilenko came on late when it was just TOO late. The Lakers still rolled us.


Where do we go from here? It was plain for the eye to see that we were simply overwhelmed and overmatched in this game. The Lakers did what they had to do... and it didn't feel too good. What a harsh reality check!


Pasty Gangsta said...

Where we go from here is nowhere fast, at least the rest of this season.

We need to be healthy and a lot tougher the next time we meet the Lakers in a playoff series. Not to mention have some semblance of an interior defense.

The Booze made things a bit more interesting by having a great series and playing every game, eh? Funny how that happened right before he gets set to explore the market. . .

Orlando said...

The silver lining of this series is perhaps Boozer opts out now. I doubt it, but he has played really well.

If he sticks around next year, it's time to blow this squad up.

Tucker McCann said...

It is done . . .