Friday, April 24, 2009

Where Have You Been All Season?

Oh baby what a night for Carlos Boozer! Finally, the man played like a MAN! 23 points and 22 boards. Not to mention 2 clutch free throws when the rest of our Jazz men were really tight at the line. And the DUNK! Oh that left handed dunk that he so rarely throws down, but when he does, it is a sight to behold, especially when he does it in a crucial game 3 with the game tied at 84 with 17 seconds left on the clock. Good Grief!

What a game indeed!

The downside is that last night's performance by Boozer begs the question: Where has Boozer been? We can all see that he is capable of much much more than he typically gives us (as evidenced by his line last night). I suppose the only clear answer is this: Boozer rarely plays half as hard as he did last night.


Pasty Gangsta said...

That dunk was unreal. After getting unloaded on by Pau and Bynum all series he finally stuffed it back at them.

D Will's shot was also incredibly clutch.

What wasn't unreal/clutch: Kyle Korver's shot even when he had wide open looks. Ugh.

Draft Guru said...

Boozer has been incredible so far. It's great to see him step up when we need him.

Orlando said...

A couple of points

1. We will really miss Boozer when he leaves in a year. He is the only guy (other than Deron) that can get a shot when he wants one.

2. Having said that, don't forget that Bynum wasn't involved last night. Gasol is a lot of things (skilled, gorgeous, tan) but a good defender is not one of them.

3. The Lakers are really beatable but the Jazz don't have enough toughness. I mean, Harpring is a breath of fresh air when he plays. And he's 45.

4. Say what you will about Korver (and I agree) but would you rather see him or CJ Miles out there? Can someone explain why we resigned him? Will the Thunder still take him in a trade?

Tucker McCann said...

I didn't think Korver played all that bad, nor CJ for that matter. They both competed, and they both knocked down some shots.

The Golden Griff said...

I don't think Boozer opts out of his contract unless we win this series