Monday, April 6, 2009

Interesting Question

ESPN's Marc Stein poses an interesting question in his latest NBA Power Rankings.  Although most Jazz fans have assumed our last game against the Lakers might not be all that difficult because Kobe & Co. won't be playing for anything, Stein wonders if it would be even more of a walk if the Jazz and Mavs are tied since if LA lost it would mean they'd face Dallas in the opening round.  

You have to admit it makes some sense.  A 100% healthy Jazz team is incredibly tough at home and all they'd have to do is steal one game in LA to make things very interesting.  Although we're not exactly playing our best ball, elite NBA teams are probably going to want a slightly easier draw in the first round.  


The Golden Griff said...

An interesting thought, Pasty. After hearing that Ginobli is out for the remainder of the season and playoffs, the Spurs also seem a lot less intimidating since Ginobli absolutely kills the Jazz.

Ryan said...

Ginobli's injury makes it all the more important that we avoid the 8th seed. If we can get on the side of the bracket the Lakers are not on, we'll match up well with our opponents and I think we have a shot at making the conference finals. And at that point in the playoffs, anything can happen. Let's finish strong and wrap up a 7 or 6 seed!