Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crotty Kid's Offseason Guide: Vol. 2

On or before May 30, the Jazz will learn a lot about their future. Three key pieces of the franchise can opt out of their deals and try to sign with the highest bidder. The decisions of Boozer, Okur, and Korver will determine whether the Jazz are breaking the Miller's commandment to not pay the luxury tax. That, in turn, will determine whether Millsap is a Jazzman or a Piston.

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are forced to decide whether to accept being paid 14 million dollars to show up to every Jazz game in uniform (or a suit), but the three main questions to ask are (1) what is the market value for my services, (2) who has money to pay me, and (3) what could I make if I wait a year? Today's post will deal with the first.

What Am I Worth?

As crazy as it sounds, Boozer makes about what he's worth. At $14 million per, he is probably overpaid, but not by much. You don't get a starting power forward who averages 20-10 for less than $10 million, unless you're willing to role the dice on a certain math major from St. John's. Look at the salaries of comparable power forwards: Al Jefferson ($12 mil), David West ($9.8 mil), Zach Randolph ($16 mil). Boozer's deal, while high, isn't out of the realm of reality (see, AK47). In a perfect market, Boozer could get a long term deal similar to his current one.

Boozer's Value: Around $12 million.

Okur is actually slightly underpaid. It is hard to find a legitimate center that is a threat from outside. Also, for all the crap I give him, Okur is one of our better defenders and he competes almost every night. He's not going to carry a team to a championship, but he is good enough to be the starting center on a championship squad. Paying $9 million for him seems like a steal when you look at salaries for similar players: Rasheed Wallace ($13.6 mil), Troy Murphy ($11 mil), Brad Miller ($12.3 mil). And remember, the Jazz almost signed Brad Miller instead of Okur - the same Brad Miller who looks like he's 45.

Okur's Value: Around $11 million

Now, Korver, on the other hand, is making out like he's at Christian Youth Camp. To be fair, the Jazz didn't sign him to his $5.1 million per year deal, but they knew what they were getting into. You can get a bench assassin for pretty cheap in the NBA these days (Eddie House ($2.8 mil), Roger Mason ($3.8 mil), Charlie Bell ($3.5 mil)). And to be perfectly honest, I'd trade Korver for any of those other players because, unlike Korver, they actually make shots. But, he is so dreamy. That alone is worth a couple of million.

Korver's Value: Around $3 million


Pasty Gangsta said...

The other nice thing for Carlos is that he doesn't even have to show up for the entire game when he's hurt. A half here and there will do the trick.

Having watched Kyle play for a year and a half, I have to agree that his skill set is a dime a dozen in the NBA. He has some big games from beyond the arc, hits free throws when he is (rarely) fouled, and can't D anyone up.

Orlando said...

I often wonder if Korver was blessed (by Jesus) to have gone undrafted. Had he been locked into a rookie first round deal, he would just have finished his initial contract. Think anyone pays him $5 million a year now?

Tucker McCann said...

i still think boozer is overpaid, simply because you have to consider the fact that he never plays a whole season. it is a guarantee. if you promise me that he plays 82 games a year, then fine, i can stomach paying him that much.

Crotty Kid is a closet Spurs fan and openly flambouyant Boozer lover.

Orlando said...

I agree about Boozer's injury risk. That is a factor I'll talk about when I write about who will pay him. But I think if you look at his stats alone, he's not that overpaid.

Full disclosure: Boozer and I have taken a riverwalk together.

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