Friday, May 1, 2009

The New Whipping Boy?

So now that the Elder Statesman and noble Jazz citizen, Jarron Collins has finished his contract with the Jazz, who exactly will be the new “whipping boy” next season for Jazz fans?

The Jazz have had a rich history of signing/retaining questionable talents, worthless contributors and overpaid big-bodies. The list is long, and goes back to the days of “the Whopper” Billy Paultz, “Dinner Bell” Mel Turpin, and of course, Greg Ostertag. While it’s difficult to pin the next “Jazz Whipping Boy”, I already have my nomination… Fes!

Surely, the Jazz have to decide whether they’ll retain Fesenko at a meager $870,000 for next season, but if they do… there’ll be so much pressure and expectation for Fes to “break-out” next season that he’ll have Jazz fans itching and clawing to see some form of player progress and development, not to mention the ability the team might have of installing a defensive-minded center in the paint, clogging the lane for our boys. Can Fes be that guy? The well-known jokester and goofball doesn’t seem to take basketball too seriously. And it has caused Jerry Sloan to utter scathing words of motivation and self-improvement towards Fes. Will he take advantage of his opportunity and follow through on Jerry's words of advice? Only another season of Jazz basketball will help us find that out.

Here's to our new whipping boy, Kyrylo Fesenko! Who would you nominate?

Fast Facts:
Kyrylo Fesenko (Ukrainian: Кирило Фесенко, born December 24, 1986, in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union) is a Ukrainian professional basketball player. He is a 7'1" and 300 lb center. After playing four seasons in native Ukraine, Fesenko was selected 38th overall in the second round of the 2007 NBA Draft by the Philadelphia 76ers and then traded to the Utah Jazz, signing a three-year contract with the Jazz on August 15, 2007. He has spent most of his two seasons with the NBA Development League, Utah Flash. Fesenko wears a size 18 shoe. He also owns a 7'4" wingspan and 9'4" standing reach (same standing reach as Greg Oden).


UtesFan89 said...

Nice... but it'll only work if Fesenko is still around next season. That's not a given thing.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Forget Fes. Let him go. Kosta is our future.

Orlando said...

I think that the Jazz will exercise their option on Fes next year. He is super cheap, and there is no risk.

But, as Booner pointed out the other day, I have never ever heard the Jazz brass utter an encouraging word about the man. His days are numbered, but I'd bet he's around next year.

site said...

The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.