Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting Randomly Picked to Make Half-Court Shots Now Best Way to Earn Living.

Yes, it is sad, but true. A major news outlet is reporting that:

"A new study released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Tuesday confirmed that the most dependable source of income for American workers in the current economic climate is to win a novelty contest in which one must successfully shoot a basketball from half-court. "After factoring in the odds of your ticket number being called while attending a game, the median dollar value awarded, and the athletic ability of the average American citizen, and cross-referencing these data with employment forecasts and current job-security indices, we have determined that half-court shooting contests are currently the most effective way to support a family of four," the report read in part. "While this may seem like dire news, keep in mind that the consolation prize for missing the shot usually includes a food item from the concession stand." The report cited several other possible methods of securing a livelihood, including 50-50 raffles, lotto scratch-offs, and inventing YouTube."


torrey ellis said...

Thanks to Draft Guru I was 'randomly' selected at a U game to make some shots and I won $250. Thanks Guru.

Also did you see the half-court shot prank here's the link:

Draft Guru said...

Torrey Ellis aka DWill,
I had forgotten about that occasion. My random selection "paid-off"... thanks to your sweet shot. I could certainly use one of those nowadays!