Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Playoff Commericals

Earlier this week loyal TCG readers were treated to one of the best NBA Playoff-related commercials ever in the form of Teen Wolf definitively answering the oft-asked question, "Where will amazing happen this year?"  Now for the worst.  

For the record:
  • Dan Brown's books and movies have absolutely nothing to do with the NBA.  "Angels and Demons" is a particulary poor comparision point, as after Jarron Collins gets cut loose this offseason there aren't going to be any angels left in the league.
  • Yes, the commercial opens with a faux basketball court superimposed on the ground outside of the Vatican.
  • Yes, there is another portion of the commercial where Rajon Rondo's back is engulfed in flames as the announcer says "Fire" in a deep baritone.
  • Yes, at another point Kobe Bryant dives on the floor to get a loose ball and morphs into Tom Hanks swimming underwater in his clothes.  What's weird about that?


Tucker McCann said...

I guess you know the season is over when we are analyzing TNT commercials

Pasty Gangsta said...

It's true, our first round exit has driven me to new lows. But someone had to tell the world the truth about that commercial and take some steps toward stopping the madness.