Friday, May 1, 2009

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

God does have a sense of humor after all! Let's be honest; how funny is that T-Mac has never advanced past the first round of the NBA Playoffs in his 12 year career, and the ONE year that he sits out (i.e. "throws in the towel"), his Houston Rockets advance? That is funny mierda.

After T-mac supposedly planned on being on the bench in street clothes in Game 3 (much to his team's chagrin) after being absent all season, Bill Simmons' reaction was priceless:

You can't beat the comedy of a T-Mac team finally making it past the first round 12 seasons into his career ... only he's watching from streetclothes on the bench. By the way, do you think the phone call played out like this before Game 3?

T-Mac: "Rick, hey, it's Tracy McGrady."

Rick Adelman (startled): "Hey, Tracy. How are you? How's rehab?"

T-Mac: "Great, great. Look, I was thinking about sitting on our bench for Game 3. I thought it could give us a boost."

Now, you're Rick Adelman. What is your proper response?

Is it, "Are you [bleeping] kidding me? Seriously? Are you KIDDING ME? Is this a prank? Who is this? This isn't funny!"

Is it, "Great idea, nothing will inspire our team like the superstar with the worst career playoff record ever?"

Is it, "That sounds great! Ironically, it's the eight-month anniversary to the day when you showed up for training camp overweight and proceeded to murder us for the next five months until we finally decided to trade you, only you one-upped us by opting for microfracture surgery and killing your value. Maybe we could celebrate with cake after the game, win or lose?"
It all begs two questions: 1) How is T-mac feeling this morning? and 2) Is Houston actually a better team without T-Mac?

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Pasty Gangsta said...

McGrady is terrible. It is no accident the Rockets moved on without him.