Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unloading AK ?

There are rumors swirling that the Warriors are putting together a deal to get AK from the Jazz. This would be a win-win trade. The Jazz could rid themselves of AK's albatross of a contract, and, AK could go wild playing point-forward in Nellie's free-flowing offense. While I think that a parting of ways would be good for both parties, I am curious as to what the Jazz would get back in the deal.

Here are some guesses. Maggette was almost a Jazz man, attacks the basket well, and would bring some toughness and swagger to the team. But like all NBA players who went to Duke, he is injury prone (see Boozer and Brand). Jackson is a head case but would certainly be an upgrade on CJ Miles, and the same can probably be said about Crawford. For salary reasons, I would assume that one of those three would have to be included in any deal for AK, but the Warriors also have some young talent they may be willing to throw in. Belinelli has shown flashes of potential, especially in the Las Vegas Summer League, but has been stuck at the end of the bench. And Randolph and Wright seem to have some ability but are yet to really make their marks. The Warriors also have another lottery pick and, given their draft history, may be willing to give it up.

This looks like another storyline to what is shaping up to be an interesting summer for the Jazz


Tucker McCann said...


Stephen Jackson a Jazz-man?


Although I would not mind seeing it.

Orlando said...

That deal would almost assuredly include Crawford, not Jackson.

I don't like the trade. That deal doesn't give us any salary relief. In fact, it's worse because we have Maggette for 2 years after AK's deal is up. Also, Maggette and Crawford are both extremely bad defenders. They are both classic examples of "Good player on Bad Team." Sloan would kill both of them.

Pasty Gangsta said...

I would like Maggette because he's a real shooter/scorer who gets to the line well. Definitely a huge upgrade on Korver. But the price isn't right.

UtesFan89 said...

Randolph... the next AK?

Orlando said...

No way the Warriors part with Randolph. There are people that think he has superstar potential. You don't part with that for AK.

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