Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Will Amazing Happen?

By now we've all seen the NBA's "Where will amazing happen this year?" clips that run during the playoffs.  Great concept, even if they don't always pick the best videos.  The Jazz ones are nice (here and here), although both involve Carlos Boozer actually playing in a game so they aren't terribly representative.  

This video is a great new addition to the mix, compliments of good friend and NBA fanataic SmooveB.  My favorite part is when Mr. Wolf, clearly on his way down after penetrating the lane through some Jazz-like interior defense and putting up a nice underhand lay-up with both paws, re-elevates for the jam.  


Draft Guru said...

Truth be told... TeenWolf was an absolute classic flick. Who didn't idolize the Wolf?... or for that matter, Michael J. Fox. He had some real serious hoop talent.

Tucker McCann said...

I have always seen Teen Wolf as the standard of 'realistic basketball,' which is why the NBA frustrates me so much. Why doesn't Brewer do those cool underhand layups/dunks?

Pasty Gangsta said...

Because Brewer doesn't even have half the pure athletic ability of Teen Wolf. On the other hand, he can make free throws consistently without turning his eyes a devilish red.