Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Way to Go Clips/Dr. Weiland!

Well, that seems fair. The Clippers, a team that rarely gets good draft picks, won the lottery last night. It couldn't have happened to a better-run organization. Now they get to draft the bruising power forward they were lacking. Oh, right, they already have one. And an overpaid one to boot.

Anyway, I recommend this short video for anyone that didn't see the lottery live. It features a nice, awkward man-hug between the Clippers' representative and David Stern's lackey. AFter viewing, can someone please tell me who the NBA rep is? He looks like a cross between Reggie Miller and gollum.

In Jazz news, Kyle "I'm threatening to opt out but now everyone is laughing" Korver had hand surgery. I was hoping that his surgery had been performed by a christian healer, but it looks like he just went with a run-of-the-mill superstar hand doctor. Anyway, thanks Dr. Weiland. Here's to hoping that Kyle's successful surgery convinces him to opt-out.

Lastly, I take issue with Pasty's latest post. Don't think for a second that Korver doesn't love to party it up with the ladies in SLC. Hansborough would be lucky to hit up Club Naked with KK.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Hansbrough and Korver may have different styles but the end result is the same: the ladies love them. Perhaps physically and literally in Tyler's case, and from afar and spiritually in Kyle's.

Orlando said...

You know what I love most about Korver's ladies? The matching Miller Lite cardigans.