Thursday, July 9, 2009

Boozer Blockbuster Discussed

The trade talks have begun to heat up, according to Chad Ford and Mark Stein of Now, there's been trade discussion happening between the Bulls, Blazers and Jazz in a three-way deal. Boozer would be sent to Chicago, Hinrich going to Portland and Tyrus Thomas landing in Utah. Certainly from the Jazz point of view, cap space from the Trail Blazers would be extracted to open up room to re-sign Paul Millsap.

Is Portland playing cat-and-mouse with the Jazz? Perhaps the Blazers are forcing a Millsap signing in order to force us to beg for salary cap space... (Portland knows they're in complete control of the spending market)... which would eventually tip the scale towards a Carlos Boozer blockbuster trade. Portland would then be the facilitator of such trade... providing us with salary relief. Exciting stuff! Millsap could be the dominoe that sends this deal into the works.


The Golden Griff said...

I haven't looked up the salary details, but why do we need to include Portland in this trade? Why not take both Thomas and Hinrich for Boozer. Hinrich would fit great with the Jazz. He competes every night, he can hit the three, he can play three positions and he can play defense at those three positions. Also Chemistry-wise (as in Jerry Sloan), Hinrich is a much better fit for the Jazz than Thomas.

Tucker McCann said...

Heinrich is set to make almost $10 Million next year, with Thomas making nearly $5 Million.

$15,000,000 (Heinrich & Thomas) > $12,000,000 (Boozer)

Orlando said...

I agree with the Griff (great photo, by the way). Why not make this a two-team deal and take Hinrich (who I love) & Thomas (who I do not) and send Boozer and Harpring to Chicago. It wouldn't cost Chicago anything (Harp's salary is likely to be paid by insurance this year) and the Jazz get a perfect 2 guard (i.e., one that can shoot).

I think the answer may be what Guru suggested. The Jazz are so worried about money that they want to steal Portland's salary cap space, thereby lowering Millsap's asking price.