Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Utah Jazz: Not the Whitest Team in the NBA!

The current list costs us about $14 million a year: Korver, Harpring, Koufos. The historical list reads like a who's-who of Jazz fan favorites: Stockton, Tripucka, Hornacek, Eaton, Crotty, Keefe, Ostertag. But it looks like the Jazz finally have competition in the home-grown Caucausian department.

The Indy Star is questioning whether the Pacers (the team that stole Hansborough out from under us) is attempting to do the unthinkable: an NBA white-out with only American players.
In a league where little more than 10 percent of the players are white Americans, the Pacers roster is racially split down the middle, making them one of the whitest teams in the league.
Now, to be fair, if you don't discriminate white players by country of origin, the number of signed white players on each team is the same (6). So, Goran Suton's summer league will have a lot to say about who takes the title this year. From the look of things (I'd put Goran's chances of making the squad at around 50%), I think we may have a dead heat.


Tucker McCann said...

Is that a photo of Tripuka or Ron Jeremy?

Pasty Gangsta said...

Tripuka, but I heard that after the game that night he acted more like Ron Jeremy.

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