Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thunder Sitting Out Free Agency?

According to the Deseret News, via John Hollinger of, the Thunder will most likely sit out the free agent spending spree for this summer.

From Hollinger:
"My sources informed me that Oklahoma City — the team with the biggest stack of chips remaining — is highly unlikely to splurge this summer" and that "given that the best available young players (Millsap, New York's David Lee and Milwaukee's Ramon Sessions, all restricted free agents) are poor fits on the Thunder's roster, OKC plans to continue with its patient approach rather than overpaying for parts that don't fit especially well."

"The Thunder will be value players rather than big-game hunters, looking for opportunistic deals between now and the trade deadline. A year from now, they could have as much as $20 million in cap space, two lottery picks (theirs and Phoenix's) in a strong draft, and one of the league's best young rosters. About the only way to (mess) it up would be to force a big contract into the picture this summer, and with the team already selling out every game, they don't see any need to rush it."

All along I've wondered why the Thunder had interest in Paul Millsap (other than the fact that they currently have money to spend... and why not spend it?). This explanation better coincides with a "gameplan" for the future. Oklahoma City won't make the playoffs next season (with or without Millsap). There are bigger fish to acquire in 2010. Jeff Green plays the same position as Millsap. You need cap space in order to re-sign Durant, Green & Westbrook. And finally, the Thunder have 2 potential lottery picks in 2010 to continue loading up their roster (their own & Phoenix). Why go after Millsap? The good news for us might be that the asking price just went down considerably, with OKC out of the running. I don't think Portland (who has some salary cap) has interest. And Millsap really doesn't have any other suitors. His asking price may have dwindled to the mid-level exception... which is fantastic for us, because we'll easily match that.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Great news.

Unknown said...

I understand why OKC wants to hold out til' 2010 to make any serious moves or spend any serious money on a more improved team. I don't think, however, that waiting out a whole season before doing anything will put fans in the seats. How will that team making money this year? Wasn't the primary reason that the SuperSonics left Seattle is because fans weren't buying tickets and the team didn't making money?

The Thunder can pick up a value player, maybe an older veteran who has experience taking teams to playoffs. Someone they don't have to spend too much money on and can still bring an immediate impact to the team.

Rumor has it that Bibby is testing the free agent market. He could be a strong veteran presence. That is just an example.

And that was my opinion.

btw...I am a new blogger, looking forward to seeing your posts. Not only as a fellow blogger and an basketball fan, but also as a Laker fan and your nemesis.

Looking forward to talking trash with you this coming season.


Sammy P.

Orlando said...

Our first Laker-fan reader, ladies and gentleman.

Smart move on OKC's part. No reason to rush into bad contracts in a down economic year when you have a young team. They may regret passing on Milsap if Jeff Green leaves, but that's a big if.

Bring Back the SAP!

Tucker McCann said...

i HATE the lakers

Anonymous said...

The "Blunder" aka the "Thunder" will be reap some bad karma when the 2010 free agency and draft bonanza begins.

The Blunder are the Spurs North, and I will enjoy seeing their gameplan fall apart when K Durrant drops OKC faster than you can say SuperSonic.

I have faith that the NBA economic model will continue to fail and that the Grizz or Bobcats will be playing in the City of Seattle by 2012.



Orlando said...

It's about time that Olson commented on this blog. And it's about time that someone said "the NBA's economic model will continue to fail."

Long live the ghost of Michael Cage.