Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Summer League Notes

Eric Maynor continues to play well and is drawing comparisons to Stephon Marbury. Given our young rookie's penchant for clubbing (recent Tweet: "On the way to NC. . . . . had a great nite at Love. . . . ") one can only hope the similarities occur on the court and not off. Something tells me Jerry doesn't spend a lot of time at Love and doesn't want his players there either, especially if they're going to tell the world about it afterwards (note: the picture above is from. . . you guessed it -- Maynor's Facebook page, which is most definitely not set to private).

And for all of those East High/Utah/Utah State/Idaho Stampede fans out there, Lance Allred is trying to make the NBA again. He sounds done with both summer ball and the D-League though, so I fear the independent bookseller's circuit may eventually prove to be a better long-term career plan.

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Orlando said...

My favorite part about his Club Love Tweetis that he invites everyone to party there in the afternoon, and then reports that it was awesome and he's driving home to Richmond at 8:00 AM the next day. Nothing like driving home to Richmond hung over and on no sleep after a night out with the lovely DC ladies.