Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boozer Expects Trade

Well, the Booz has spoken. And because of it, you can expect Carlos Boozer to be on his way out very soon. The Deseret News is reporting that Boozer spoke recently with a Chicago radio station, proclaiming that the Jazz told him that they planned to trade him.
"Yeah I do. I had a talk with the Jazz. The Jazz told me they want to go in a different direction and I respect their decision. We mutually agreed to work out a trade that was beneficial for them and beneficial for my family and me. So with that being said, I'm gonna be traded relatively soon or in good time."
There you have it... "from the horses mouth." Now, we can expect the Jazz to match Millsap's offer (most likely) and assuredly get rid of Boozer. No one goes to the media like that, forcing the issue by talking trade and returns "content" to our team for the next season. He's as good as GONE! Now, we just have to wait for the deal. The suitors have been reported as being New York, Detroit, Chicago, Miami and Golden State, among others.
Of the teams listed, Miami probably makes the most sense. Marc Stein from ESPN.com is reporting a rumor regarding a possible trade to the Heat. It would send Boozer to Miami for Udonis Haslem (and his expiring contract) and one of James Jones, Dorrell Wright or Daequan Cook. The kicker would be a separate deal in which the Heat, possessing a $4.2 million trade exception, would trade a future 1st round draft pick to the Jazz for CJ Miles, providing a little salary relief in the process.


Tucker McCann said...

Oooof. I hate to see this. The fact that this is all over the media lowers Boozer's trade value immensely. Although it may have been suspected all along, the Jazz should have played their cards close to their chest and said "We are thrilled Carlos is back, and we want him to stay because of the excellent value he adds to our organization."

Now teams can smell the blood in the water, and they'll come circling in to get "Carla Boozer" for nothing.

Orlando said...

I agree. Now we can expect 60 cents on the dollar.

By the way, Daquean Cook has questionable NBA talent, Dorrel Wright would literally be killed by Jerry Sloan, and Udonis Haslem is an undersized, hardworking power forward. None seem like a good fit.

But I LOVE the CJ for a first rounder proposal.