Thursday, June 12, 2008

6 More Players Workout

Here are the six players that worked out for the Jazz yesterday. They all look stellar.

Mike Green - PG, Butler.

Tyrone Brazelton - PG, W. Kent.

Nathan Jawai - PF/C, Australia.

Devon Hardin - C, Cal.

Sasha Kaun - C, Kansas.

Brian Butch - C, Wisconsin.

I know nothing about the two point guards. They look like camp invitee types. Devon Hardin and Nathan Jawai are the only guys with first round potential and have been previously analyzed by the draft guru.

But the other two bigs look like money in the bank. Sasha Kaun has a name that screams "WNBA foreigner with upside." His should be a familiar story to Jazz fans - a graduating senior that rarely started for the Jayhawks hoping to get big minutes with the Jazz. Kaun is a high energy guy, however, unlike his idol Ostertag. Plus, it looks like he's got a great feel for Microsoft Word.

I only saw Butch play once - in the NCAAs. He is an oaf, but a large one. He could be our answer on defense to Memphis' Big Country Reeves and Portland's Arvydas Sabonis.


Rich said...

If the Jazz honestly have a chance to draft Chaka Khan, they need to jump on it.

Talk about adding star power on the cheap. Great pipes.

Draft Guru said...


Orlando said...

Finally, a comment by the elusive and seductive "rich."

Rich said...

You forgot "exceptionally virile."

Unfortunately, the site didn't recognize my intended moniker. That problem should be fixed by now.

You're doing important work here, gentlemen. Carry on.