Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Olympic Update

According to today's Deseret News, KTVX News recently cut 25% of its workforce and Tracy Aviary announced a "major new project." I know, I know. Fascinating stuff. However, you'll have to go to another blog for more on those breaking stories, as I'm only interested in the article about the men's Olympic basketball team. Chauncey Billups said today he doesn't want to play on the team, which apparently makes D Will even more of a lock than he already was (it truly baffles me that other point guards besides Williams and Paul were even in the running, but I guess they at least had to give Kidd and Billups a shot). The Booze, as most of us probably already know, is also nearly a sure thing.

I'm not sure exactly how I feel about this. I'm pumped for some good, international Olympic ball and I'm glad two Jazzmen will represent our country. On the other hand, Boozer has had way too many season altering injuries in his career and I wouldn't mind D Will taking a breather and coming back strong next season. At some level I feel like both of those guys only have so many career games in them and I'd rather see them used up for the Jazz. Also, if some random Croat or New Zealander takes a cheap shot at one of our boys. . . so help me, but I will strongly consider never giving said country a penny of my devalued American tourist money.


Orlando said...

Not a big fan of Deron and Boozer playing in the Olympics. It's bad enough that AK saves his best ball every year for international competition - now 4/5 of our starting lineup has off-season basketball commitments.

Let's send Harpring and Hart in their place.

Ryan said...

When players don't take time off, their chance of injury goes way up. I hope the injury bug stays away from Deron and Booze. I also think Boozer's inclusion on the Olympic team further inflates his value. Now may be the best time to unload him if we can get something good in return.