Friday, June 20, 2008

Wild Complexity and Intrigue

John Hollinger of offers his analysis of the NBA draft, predicting how each prospect will fare in the NBA. He bases his findings on regression analysis, comparing each of the prospects on factors such as player stats, opponent competition, and physical abilities. His discoveries are surprising! He's definitely not impressed with Anthony Randolph, projecting that he'll most certainly bust. "Between me and the scouts, one of us will look like an idiot."

Ian Thomsen of CNNSI provides some draft wisdom with his top 5 darkhorses and wild draft rumors. Thomsen lists Robin Lopez as his #1 darkhorse, predicting he'll hit the late lottery when all is said and done (on the contrary, Hollinger rates Lopez as a player who shouldn't be taken in the 1st Round). Who do you believe? It's crazy to hear how Golden State is all over the board regarding who they like. Now, it's Jason Thompson who's rumored to be Golden State's golden boy. Donte Greene could go top 10 or could fall all the way into the 20's. This draft couldn't be any deeper, and full of wild disagreement. Every team has their own preference. Who do the Jazz prefer? I guess we'll find out.
Check out Yahoo sports to see all of the prospect videos.

1 comment:

Orlando said...

I'm not sure that I trust Hollinger's stats in this area. he's trying to extrapolate pro potential from stats of 19 year olds playing in wildly different environments and systems. While college stats are useful, I think it is dubious to suggest that they are the most useful predictor of future success.

However, I watched Randolph's video and that kid is SKINNY. He will have to take a ton of steroids to get to a size that will be productive in the NBA.