Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Final Workout

The DesNews is reporting that the Jazz will conduct their final pre-draft workout today. Only two participants were mentioned:

Trent Plaisted, C/PF, BYU: No stranger to basketball fans along the Wasatch front. Plaisted is blessed with good athleticism and quickness for a guy his size, and he benefits from being a lefty. But his post up game is limited and his foul shooting is horrendous. There are also serious concerns about his length. In college he was able to use his athleticism to beat people, which won't be the case in the pros. I can see the Jazz drafting him just to appease the die-hards from Utah county, before letting Trent make some cash in Europe.

Steven Hill, C, Arkansas: Now we're talking! I watched Hill play a couple of times and I can say, without a doubt, that he is the best emo big man available in this year's draft. Hill is stone-cold daft punk: he has absolutely no offensive game, and he doesn't even pretend. He just uses his athleticism to patrol the paint looking for blocks, hard fouls, and cheap wine. Let's get this guy as our enforcer in the second round!

UPDATE: Dick Harmon is reporting that Trent's workout went swimmingly, except that he barfed at the end and the Jazz therefore stopped the workout early. Dick also tells us that, tragically, over the last two weeks, Trent was only able to spend one weekend with his wife. Whereas, I'm sure when Trent's NBA career is in full swing he'll see the misses every weekend.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Great update, Crotty. Although I'd prefer not to think about Plaisted's "length" before lunch. Or for that matter, even during or after lunch.

Also, is it just me or is Trent looking at the ball while he's dribbling in that picture? I'll admit that I found that trait somewhat endearing in Mike Brown, but it really has no place in the NBA.

Tucker McCann said...

Emo dudes are typically VERY good at basketball, so that would be a really safe pick.

Rich said...

Steven Hill looks like every T.A. I ever had in college.

But he may present a challenge for the water boys, who will have to keep a hot pot of coffee brewing at all times.

Orlando said...

Rumor has it that Hill is really tight with the guys from Death Cab.