Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What do I think?...

So the NBA Draft is upon us...Whoop-a-dee-doo! And what do I think? I'm thrilled! The NBA Draft allows each fan an opportunity to believe that one's team can change its future destiny with one (or two) draft picks. Perhaps primarily found on pretense, the Draft allows us fans to have hope. Is there hope out there for Jazz fans? We shall see.

You may wonder why I have a picture of OJ Mayo in this article when we ought to be talking about the Jazz. Besides the fact that I went to USC and am a Trojan fan, reports that the Miami Heat may be looking at OJ Mayo with the 2nd pick of the NBA Draft. Will they actually select Mayo over Beasley at #2? Probably not...but they just may trade out of their position in order to acquire the Mayo. The article continues to report that the Heat would make this move (and pass on Beasley), with a belief that they could lure Carlos Boozer next season, once he opts out of his contract and becomes a free agent. Should the Jazz be concerned about losing the Booz in '09? Probably so... It's an interesting draft sub-plot to a long list of draft story-lines.

The Jazz may be out of luck as it pertains to drafting the center of their choice at #23. Apparently, two trades have transpired or could transpire, which may change the fortunes of player selection. First, DraftExpress is reporting that Charlotte has acquired the #20 pick from Denver where it's hoping to land Roy Hibbert, if available. Then, has announced that Jermaine O'Neal will indeed be headed to Toronto, in exchange for Rasho Nesterovic, TJ Ford and the #17 pick. There, Indiana may also select a center. Kosta Koufas? Robin Lopez? With both of these transactions taking place, the Jazz are left with "a mighty slim" chance of landing Hibbert or Lopez if they stay put. Would the Jazz be willing to trade forward for a chance to get one of the two?

The Jazz are now in an interesting predicament. Who will be left for the Jazz to draft at 23? Here's what I think will happen...barring other crazy trades.

1. Bulls - Rose
2. Heat - Beasley (trade to someone else)
3. Wolves - Mayo
4. Sonics - BLopez
5. Grizz - Love
6. LAC - Westbrook
7. NY - Gallinari
8. Bucks - Alexander
9. Bobcats - Bayless
10. Nets - Gordon
11. Pacers - Augustin
12. Kings - Hibbert
13. Blazers - Greene
14. Warriors - Thompson
15. Suns - Rush
16. 76ers - Ajinca
17. Pacers - RLopez
18. Wizards - Randolph
19. Cavs - Koufas
20. Bobcats - Jordan
21. Nets - Arthur
22. Magic - Speights
23. Jazz - Super Mario Chalmers


Orlando said...

I'd love this. I like Chalmers, but he's starting to generate some buzz - I can see him being picked right before us by the Magic.

I haven't heard much Jazz discussion on the trade front. If Hibbert is gone by 23, I expect them to get rid of the pick. said...

I absolutely match with your post.

gilipollas said...

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