Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too Many Ballers

Today is the calm before the storm that is the NBA draft. Get ready for 8 button suits, top hats, and awkward alone-time in the green room time for some unlucky draftee (DeAndre Jordan?).

The Jazz currently have 13 roster slots filled for next year, and CJ Miles is likely to get some sort of offer sheet that takes the 14th spot. That leaves 1 spot for a rookie or free agent. The problem is, the Jazz have 3 draft picks. Given the fact that the first-rounder gets guaranteed money, it would appear that the two second rounders have absolutely zero chance of making the team, barring a trade or buy-out.

What this all means is that the Jazz have to make some sort of deal - otherwise they are just wasting those second round picks. Here are some options:

  1. Trade the first round pick - This would seem to be the obvious decision. Getting rid of this pick leaves that last roster slot open in case the Jazz want to pursue a free agent in the off-season, or sign one of the second-rounders. This would effectively allow the two second-rounders to fight for the one remaining slot. Realistically the Jazz aren't going to get much for the pick - likely a future first rounder from a team drafting in the mid to late twenties.

  2. Trade the second round picks - If the Jazz keep the first rounder, it doesn't make much sense to draft after that. But how much value are we going to get in return for picks 44 and 53? Not much. We could probably package the two picks for one future second-rounder from a team with empty roster slots. Alternatively, we could try and move up in the draft by sending all three of our picks for a slightly higher first round choice in this draft. The Magic and Nets pick in front of us and have roster slots to fill, but it's unlikely that they'd be willing to let the Jazz leapfrog them and take the player they want just to get a couple of crappy second-rounders.

  3. Get rid of all of the picks - We could try and package all three picks for a future pick with some value. Perhaps a team like Toronto (where Jermaine O'Neal is rumored to be going) wants a bunch of young kids in this draft in exchange for their first round pick next year. New Jersey, Miami, and Orlando also have room in their roster for three rookies.

  4. Go Foreign - Of course, the Jazz could just use some of the picks on foreign players that aren't ready/willing to come to the NBA yet. Some first round big mean (Ante Tomic, Serge Ibaka, Nathan Jawai) fit into that category as well as some second round options (the turkish big men).
  5. Suck it up - The Jazz could just draft three players and basically flip the bird to the two second rounders. Maybe this puts a little pressure on CJ to go to the Revue. This is stupid, but it may be what transpires tomorrow.


Ryan said...

Good points. Is there any chance we simply cut Collins and/or Hart so we can use their roster spots? Both are looking very expendable and I would rather have two young players with potential than two guys who have topped out as "end of the bench" players.

Orlando said...

No way. Larry H. is not going to eat 2.5 million. Those guys are trade bait, but I do not see them getting cut or bought out.

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