Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sign of a trade?

As the Deseret Morning News reports, the Jazz will not be hosting their annual Draft Day party. Could this signal that the Jazz are trading their pick? Perhaps.

In 2006, I attended the Chicago Bears' Draft Day party at Soldier Field. The Bears had their first pick near the end of the first round, and the jubilant crowd passed the time with gross, over-priced hot dogs and plenty of adult beverages. After waiting for nearly 4 hours through the 1st round, the Bears' pick finally came. A hush fell over the crowd as the Commissioner approached the podium to announce... the Bears had traded their pick for future draft picks. A near-riot broke out as the carefree crowd suddenly felt their Saturday had been stolen. The normally fiercely loyal Chicago fans were saying things about the Bears organization that would have made Papa Bear George Halas weep. The trade itself was not a bad move for the Bears, but the anti-climatic nature of the trade made it a sad day in Chicago.

Could Larry H. be trying to avoid a similar PR nightmare? Or are we at TCG becoming too obsessed with tomorrow's draft? Maybe and impossible.


Orlando said...

Didn't the Jazz cancel the draft party the year that they selected Martin Muursaap (who was quickly traded)?

Anonymous said...

I assumed the same thing in a post I got up recently. Either the team is hoping to save money by doing this (total BS in that case) or they're going to trade their pick. Still frustrating though... and since it won't happen till pick #23 it'll be even more frustrating then.