Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to School

Yesterday was decision day for underclassmen without an agent. A number of minor players decided to return (including BYU strongman Lee Cummard), while some likely first rounders decided to "go" to school for another year.

The announcements won't affect the Jazz much, as most of the players exiting the draft that would have been first rounders were guards and, as we all know, it is the Jazz' destiny to draft big. However, one of my personal Jazz hopes, Chase Budinger, is headed back to the University of Arizona. Here's a list of all the players who made decisions yesterday.

On the draft front, NBALDS expert Chad Ford (whom I outed) shook up his mock draft and finally has the Jazz taking someone other than Roy Hibbert. He has the Jazz taking Nevada big man JaVale McGee. To which I say: screw BYU-Hawaii assistant professor Chad Ford! McGee absolutely screams "Borchardt-type-bust." If the Jazz take McGee there may need to be an investigation into Scott Layden's role with the team.

But, here's the silver lining: with all the workouts happening, there are a couple of big men that are a now projected within range of the Jazz' selection who were projected as lottery picks a week ago (don't you love scouting!).

DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M: Unreal athlete who thrives on rebounding and put-backs. He has the potential to be a dominant physical presence, but he has to develop some semblance of basketball skills. I saw him play once, and was underwhelmed - for someone with so many athletic gifts, he is often invisible on a lackluster team. He is extremely raw offensively and will be one of the worst foul shooters in the NBA as soon as he takes the court. But if you're drafting 23rd and somehow this beast falls into your lap, you have to take him.

Darrell Arthur, Kansas: A few weeks ago everyone was listing him in the top 8 picks and now Chad Ford has him at 18? I doubt he drops that far. But if he does, this one's a no brainer. Arthur is much more polished than Jordan (DeAndre that is) and is also an elite-athlete power forward type. Downside: He'd have to lose the double-zero in the NBA when the Jazz retire Ostertag's number.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Question: Why is he even allowed to wear that number in college if he went to Kansas? I would easily rate Double-O Tag as one of the top two Jayhawks to ever strap on the jock (or Jacque, for all of you KU/UJ fans out there) but I guess the Jayhawks disagree and refuse to retire his number.

Letter writing campaign, anyone?

Ryan said...

I couldn't agree more. Where is the love? OOTag deserves better. I'll tell you one thing, I didn't see one guy on that Kansas team that could get away with a hard core Fred Flinstone tatoo the way Tag can.

Orlando said...

Don't worry guys, I've figured this one out: Kansas doesn't retire numbers, it retires jerseys.
Check it out here: http://www.kusports.com/basketball/history/traditions/jerseys.html

That explains the mixup.