Friday, October 31, 2008

The Agonizing Ankle Debate

There is nothing as gut-wrenchingly-painful as a badly sprained ankle. As D Will can tell you, it hurts like the dickens. But it looks as if Deron will miss at least the next two games versus the Clipps with that bum ankle, which is probably a smart move. But, if I were the Jazz (which I am not), I would extend his downtime a bit more. Let's let Deron sit not just through the Clippers games, but through Portland and Oklahoma City, with a grand return date of Sunday November 9 in New York City. The reason? Ankles jam and tweak when you come back too early, and then the pain sticks around for ever. Deron should just take it easy until he is pain free . . . but again, I am not the Jazz (although I should be).


Ryan said...

I agree. It is a long season, and the Jazz hope a deep playoff run will make it even longer. It would be foolish to rush Williams back this early on and risk allowing this ankle sprain to develop into something that lingers all season long. I also think giving Price and Knight quality time to get comfortable running the show could pay real dividends as the season wears on.

Orlando said...

Sit him!

Also, having not seen the first game, I have read that Brevin Knight did not look good. Is this true? He must have looked better than Hart, right?

Tucker McCann said...

He was definitely better than Hart, to the extent that i DID see Knight hit a jumpshot, which I never saw from Hart.

But it is true, Knight does not dazzle, but he will be a consistent back-up.

He is MUCH more efficient on the floor than Hart.

JC said...

I don't think we have to worry about rushing him back too soon. He is our golden boy, none of the Jazz brass would jeopardize his health or the organization's future by getting him back a couple games earlier

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