Monday, October 13, 2008

The Backup Center Situation

While AK's move to the bench appears to be paying off nicely, all is not well with the Jazz' second unit.  Specifically, we continue to have a major problem at backup center.  Koufus is a rookie.  Fes plays like one (last night's double double notwithstanding) and compares his own strength to that of a small girl.  Finally, to pour salt on this open wound for Jazz fans everywhere, Jerry Sloan had this to say when the D News asked him to list Collins' attributes:
  • "Tries" to take charges (note that he didn't say "does" take charges).  
  • Unafraid to pass the ball.
  • Good at setting screens.  
  • "Usually" knows his assignment.  
Let's be honest -- an average high school player could get us all of those things for the league minimum.  To top it all off, it now turns out Collins hurt himself in the same golfing accident that's sidelined his twin brother for the first few months of the season.  So, to review, we have a) a rookie b) a "small girl" and c) a guy who gets hurt golfing filling this spot for us.  

Backup center is clearly not the most important position in the NBA.  But it is a huge hole for the Jazz -- at last year's shortened playoff run highlighted -- and is one that doesn't seem likely to get filled any time soon.  



Orlando said...

If the Jazz are serious about getting a backup center with few NBA-quality skills to replace Collins, Minnesota just waived Araujo.

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