Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trade Chatter

Would the Jazz really trade Carlos Boozer? According to Chad Ford of, the Jazz may consider Boozer as a possible trade candidate, for the fear that he might leave the team come seasons end. Since we've discussed the Jazz and the team's future ad nauseum, I'll refrain from delving into the speculation too far.

But, the question still remains...Would the Jazz trade Boozer during the season, in order to recoup something for potentially nothing? Chad Ford, in his assessment, fails to take into consideration the ramifications of taking on longer-termed contracts for the Jazz. The money involved in taking on another star's contract in place of Boozer's nullifies the opportunity for the Jazz to re-sign many of their key contributors later. Thus, I don't believe the Jazz will make that type of decision to trade Boozer now.

In my mind, I believe the Jazz will play out this season with its current core of players, hoping that it might be a championship blend. It'll essentially be "all for one and one for all"... a last ditch effort to a win a championship now, and then worry about the future later. Certainly, by season's end, we could definitely be in trouble with losing Boozer to another team. Would the Jazz be devastated if he left? Could we play competitive ball without the Booz?

I have hope that the Jazz management will make the right decisions in order to keep the franchise stable and competitive. Even if Boozer left, I don't think the Jazz would fall to shambles. The reasoning is that we'd have plenty of cap room to spare (with Boozer's departure), a near expiring contract to potentially unload (in Kirilenko) and a possible 'high' 2010 NYK's draft pick to utilize. The future could be bright regardless of what happens to Boozer then.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Agreed. The Jazz are in a tough spot. I think this team has enough talent to win it all, I just think it will take two or three years to happen. Unfortunately we don't have that kind of time, which means moving forward without the Booze or AK and possibly others.

Gunter of the Hill People said...

Trade Boozer to Miami for Beasley. Beasley is going to be a monster and he has the cojones to mix it up in the paint. Something Booz is lacking.