Friday, October 10, 2008

"I am not strong, I am a small girl"

Did Fesenko really say this after last night's loss? You bet he did. The Deseret News is reporting that, when asked about playing against an overweight and out-of-shape Shaq, Fesenko said "I am not strong, I am a small girl."

Hopefully this is a "lost-in-translation" type blunder, but does it bother anyone else? Before you answer, let's review the statement one more time. This is your big, young, talented center saying "I am not strong, I am a small girl." Wooof.


Amar said...

I think this quote is just a sign of self depreciating humor, and nothing else but his own funny style of talking. After all, he doesn't actually eat worms and short reporters in the Ukraine either . . . and while Shaq is far from his peak, I bet very few players in the NBA could move him around . . . dude is a 400 pound relic at this point. Fes is, at the most, 290.

Orlando said...

I agree with Amar. I really like the quote. In fact, the only thing I really like about Fesenko right now are his quotes.

Also, you heard it hear first: Fesenko is off the team by March.

Tucker McCann said...

Let's be honest . . . or in the very least, I'll be honest. If I had just lost a game, and I were a professional athlete, I would be hesitant to proclaim to the press "I am a little girl," but whatever.

Amar said...

that's not even the full quote, it was in reference to Shaq. Anyway, Fes had a double double last night and held Oden (who had been scoring 13 ppg) to 6 points. Not too shabby.