Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Wish List

In the 1939 movie classic, the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and the fellows (the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion) make their way to Oz to see the Wizard (who apparently is so powerful that he can grant you any wish that you desire). As we all know, the Scarecrow desires to be given a brain, the Tinman wishes for a heart and the Lion pleads for a dose of courage. Each discovers that their own personal gifts were found along the way, because of the cunning words and wise mentoring of the Wizard.

If the Jazz were able to visit the Wizard of Oz before this season, what would they wish for? Or better yet, what would we wish for them? As is well-understood and realized after last season and the others prior, the Jazz have plenty of room for improvement this season if they wish to bring home the NBA Championship. If I were the Wizard, this is what I would grant our Jazz players:

A Jumper:

Kirilenko and Brewer

Can you imagine how good these guys could be with a consistent jumper? Andrei naturally likes to play closer to the rim and doesn’t always feel comfortable outside launching 3-balls. Brewer has that ugly hitch in his shot, with an elbow extended. Brew could honestly turn into an all-star if he developed a deadly outside shot.

Defensive Intensity:

Boozer and Memo

One, or perhaps both of these guys must improve defensively if the Jazz wish to make any progress as a team. We can’t have slow-footed, low intensity post-men in the paint. Otherwise, we’ll get abused by the Lakers again (or other teams like them). This request might be a lot to ask for since Boozer is naturally slow (laterally) and Memo is relatively soft. If only Memo could become more like Bill Laimbeer and Boozer like Karl “the Mailman” Malone, then we’d be in business!

Floor-Time (A Breakout):

CJ Miles and Morris Almond

Each player has shown glimpses of potential and stellar play. Can we get these guys some minutes? It seems like CJ has the tools to be successful, he just needs some favor and Jerry-love from the coaching staff.

A Clean Bill of Health:

Matt Harpring

For the love of knees, ankles and feet! Can we get this guy a clean-bill of health for once?... if not for basketball reasons, just for his own personal well-being? I guess if Matt were fully healthy, it would screw up our wish (above) for extended playing time for CJ and Almond.

A Heart, and B-Ball IQ:


His legs are like tree trunks, his arms like Big Mark, and he moves down the floor with fluidity. Now, why doesn’t he perform well? By all accounts, and from what I’ve witnessed, Fesenko has all the ability and physical tools in the world to be a force inside for the Jazz. He just needs to put it together and make it happen.


Jarron Collins

Sorry… I just don’t have much faith that the Good, Elder Statesman of the team will make any sort of positive contribution. His time on the Jazz has run its course. Can we trade Collins for a shot-blocker? I believe that would require one powerful Wizard!

A Defensive Stopper:

Brewer, Price, or AK47?

Someone needs to step up for us and provide some defensive pressure on the wing. I think it could easily become Brewer if he decides to apply himself. He’s got the athleticism and natural quickness.

Quick Development:

Kosta Koufos

We need a back-up center in the worst way, preferably one that can block some shots. If it’s not going to be Collins (which I can ascertain you, it won’t be) and Fess doesn’t show his stuff, then Koufos needs to develop quickly. Otherwise, we’ll be short-handed in the paint.

Stunning Good Looks & A City-wide Following of Swooning Ladies:

Kyle Korver

Oh wait, he’s already got that.


Orlando said...

Great preview, Guru. Nice to see you back.

I can't believe that I am typing this, but the only young guy on the Jazz capable of having a breakout year is CJ. Brewer and Millsap are already established guys who could (and should) take it up a notch. I am really down on our young (project) big guys and I think Morris Almond is a shorter, slower Kyle Korver. CJ is the only guy with extra talent waiting to be released on the world.

But I'm not holding my breath.

Tucker McCann said...

The best part about that post was the summary of the Wizard of Oz. Great!