Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Preseason Gameday

Now that the Angels are out of the MLB playoffs, Anaheim California's rabid sports fanatics need something to keep them from going crazy. They hit the jackpot tonight as they get to watch the opening of the NBA preseason: Jazz-Lakers. And if we're lucky, this guy will be patrolling the sidelines:

Tonight is the night that the Jazz can prove once and for all that the series last June was a fluke, and that the true test of a great team is not the playoffs, but the preseason. Not much has changed between the two teams since the battle last summer: CJ Miles can now regularly eat out at TGI Fridays and leave a nice tip, Ronnie Turiaf is gone as the Laker's designated Jarron Collins-stopper, and the Jazz swapped washed-up third string point guards with the Clippers.

Two people that will not be prominently involved in tonight's game? First, there is Stacy Elizabeth Beshear, aka Luke Walton's Fatal Attraction. Second, the Jazz will be without one of their Olympians tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers of Anaheim. Senor Boozer isn't playing. Because of an injury. A hamstring injury.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

If he's patrolling the sidelines in that suit his defense will still be 90% as effective against the Lakers as it ever is.