Wednesday, November 12, 2008

At least he's flexible...

We, at The Cowhide Globe, have often wondered how Jarron Collins developed his mad hops, cat-like reflexes, and brute strength. Thanks to our friends at the Salt Lake Tribune, we now have our answer: yoga and distance running. In a blog post about the P3 Training Facility Collins attempted to work out at over the summer, Ross Siler provided this insight into our favorite Jazz player's offseason routine.

"Jarron Collins was cited as an example. Elliott said Collins' off-season training largely consisted of distance running and yoga, which didn't correspond to his role with the Jazz, which is coming off the bench and playing for short stretches as a backup center.

By training this way, Collins' explosion off the ground suffered, Elliott found. In the context of a game, Collins would be far more likely to come down with a rebound, then go back up and have his shot blocked than convert the putback.

But Elliott said such weaknesses can be corrected quickly. Although Collins isn't about to have Brewer's hops, he could see gains of roughly 30 percent relatively quickly. Unfortunately, Collins was injured in a golf-cart accident and his work at P3 cut short."

As Jazz fans, we can only dream of what this season would be like had Collins not suffered his ill fated golf-cart accident. Can you imagine 30% more Collins? Absolutely unstoppable! Well, at least we know he's flexible and can run long distances.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

Unfortunately I think the reason Collins has his putback layups blocked is because he is 4-5 inches shorter than the opposing center who is guarding him. . . I'm not sure yoga is going to do much for him there.