Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quite A Line!

Is Boozer still planning on going to Miami at season's end? Well, not to worry. Here is Millsap's line from last night:

-32 Minutes
-8 of 12 from the field (66%)
-8 of 8 from the line (100%)
-9 rebounds
-2 assists
-2 steals
-1 block


Pasty Gangsta said...

Not to mention only TWO fouls. Nice work, Paul. AK also had another nice game off the bench, reaffirming my hunch that that move should have happened two years ago. Finally, perhaps the best news of all, Collins is still hurt.

Now for the negative: Brewer and Miles made one bucket each. Ugh.

Ryan said...

Paul looks great. He deserves more minutes and I am not sure where they are going to come from. We should look at playing him along side Boozer more often when we are matched up against teams without a dominant center. AK is playing like he was born to be a sixth man. With him, Paul and Korver, our second unit is really giving us a boost.

Diana said...

iloved his game. I love that Sloan left him in and didn't worry about his rotation!

Orlando said...

Anyone else our there enjoy watching our second unit compared to our current first unit? We are definitely the only elite NBA squad starting players such as CJ Miles and Ronnie Price.

Our bench is nasty.

camobel.com said...

I totally match with anything you have written.