Sunday, November 9, 2008


In reality, the title of my post should probably read… “ticked”. At least that’s how I feel regarding this loss to the Knicks. The mighty New York Knicks of Madison Square Garden beat our Jazz 107-99 in the first game of a 5-game road swing for the Jazz on the East Coast. That’s right. New York… and its scary trio of Jamal Crawford, Zach Randolph, and Nate Robinson came away victorious.

Are you kidding me? I know we’re playing without Deron Williams, but shouldn’t the Jazz beat the Knicks regardless of the circumstance? It’s not like the Knicks have Hurricane Ditka on their sideline. Their superstar-studded roster lauds such special talents as David Lee, Quentin Richardson, Chris Duhon and Wilson Chandler. Mardy Collins and Anthony Roberson should probably get some serious mention as well. Are you joking me? We lost to this bunch of worthless losers? Would any of these guys even crack our starting line-up? Let alone our roster?
Goodness gracious, Jazz. I know we’re allowed to have a bad game every once in a while (and 22 turnovers spells bad), but come on, we’re better than this. What it really spells is trouble… something that I’ve worried about all along. The Jazz just plain and simply suck/choke (you choose the verb) on the road. We lose the unimportant, lackluster road games that we shouldn’t. Last season, the Jazz manufactured the best home record in the NBA, only to squander a ‘boat-load’ of games on the road. Let’s cut the crap Jazz: Cut the turnovers, step up the D and play with some added fury and motivation against these sorry-sack of East Coast losers. I don’t want to make this a common trend (which we always have in the past). Jerry can’t be happy about this outcome.

Our next games are as follows:

11/11 @PHI 7:00pm
11/12 @WAS 8:00pm
11/14 @CHA 7:00pm
11/15 @CLE 7:30pm

How do we finish off the road swing?


Pasty Gangsta said...

For some reason the Knicks always own us, especially on the road. I think this is a bit of an aberration though. My prediction is we finish the trip 3-2.

Orlando said...

The road woes that killed us last year still haunt us.

This will be an interesting road trip. The Washigton/Charlotte leg should be two easy Ws. The Cleveland game is probably a loss. The Philly game is a tossup - they aren't clicking right now but have a lot of talent. If I were a betting man (I am) I would say this non-Deron road trip screams 2-3.

Tucker McCann said...

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