Monday, November 3, 2008

Good-Bye A.I.

On behalf of the Western Conference, let me be the first to extend a warm farewell to Allen Iverson, who helped the Nuggets become mired in mediocrity during his short stint in Denver.
Unfortunately, I am not as pleased to welcome Billups to the mile-high city. As a Jazz fan, I do not like this trade. Billups is 1) from Denver (which may give him incentive to take this seriously), 2) he is bigger and stronger than AI, 3) he is a better leader than AI, and 4) he is much more of a team player than AI, which translates into better looks for Melo. But even more importantly, this Nuggets shake-up cannot hurt the team, since it sucked pretty bad as is.
Now, let's see if Stephen A. Smith has learned to temper his Nuggets enthusiasm (after proclaiming that they would represent the West in the NBA Finals after acquiring Iverson).

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Orlando said...

This is a great trade for the Nuggets. They just went from mediocre to possibly decent.