Wednesday, November 26, 2008

He's (Coming) Back

Deron Williams is coming right back at you tonight in Utah's game against Memphis.  The Deseret News is so excited they came up with really convoluted, hard to understand holiday metaphor for the situation:

"Whenever Williams does indeed play again, it will be a return much more satisfying than the annual day-after-Christmas exchange of two really gaudy sweaters and one shirt that doesn't fit for something that might actually get worn."

I guess that means D Will is a really sweet button-down that you can wear to the club and get ladies as you lead the Jazz to a championship.  Or something.  

Anyway, my more basketball-related take on the whole situation: assuming he can get back to full speed quickly, this injury isn't the worst thing in the world.  The Jazz are 9-6 and he's had a chance to take a breather after a long summer of travel and Olympic ball.  And Brevin Knight got more looks than he otherwise would have, which could pay off down the road.  

One other injury note: Boozer is still out, but in his place Millsap has been averaging 14.5 and 7 in only 21 minutes of action per game.  Not a bad sign for somone who could be moving into that job full-time next year. . . 

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