Tuesday, November 11, 2008


3-8 from the field with five boards, two blocks, and a steal in 21 minutes!  He's not Shaq yet but it's a decent debut and we got a W on the road.  Here's to Koufos permanently replacing Collins as Memo's backup! 


Orlando said...

My favorite line from your post: "he's not YET Shaq."

It is nice to see a backup center with basketball skills.

Tucker McCann said...

Regardless, let's be honest. Collins wouldn't have been able to put numbers like that on the board . . . NEVER!

So I welcome Kosta whole-heartedly. And I hope Collins falls off a snowmobile this winter.

Ryan said...

I attended the game last night and thought Kosta looked solid. He was active on the boards, blocked a couple shots and didn't force the offense. I think he is already an improvement on Collins and we are only a few games away from safely relegating Fesenko to the D-League.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Damn straight, Crotty! I am a realistic optimist. Realistic in that I know Kosta is not yet as good as Shaq was in his prime, but optimistic that in a year he will be averaging 28 and 14.

FYI, the last time Collins played 21 minutes for the Jazz was April 13, 2008 against the Mavs. 5 points, 3 boards, and no assists, blocks or steals. 4 fouls, however.