Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boozer Back to Cleveland?

With the trade deadline fast approaching, the interwebs are abuzz at the moment over the Cavs trying desperately to acquire a big man. Apparently there have been talks of swapping Ben Wallace for Shaq!

While there has been little talk of the Jazz making a move, there are reports now that the Jazz offered Boozer to Cleveland (scroll down a few questions). That would be completely ironical - seeing as how Boozer is hated like poison on the shores of whichever Great Lake borders on Cleveland. However, it is a perfect fit - the Cavs are starting Ben Wallace, and have to rely on Mo Williams to provide scoring behind Lebron. Adding Boozer gives them a 20-10 monster in the middle. Plus, the Cavs play crazy good team defense, so they can hide Boozer's one glaring weakness.

For the Jazz, this trade - assuming they get Sczerbiak in return - would be a godsend. Although Boozer is an all-star when he plays, it is apparent that the Jazz and Boozer are parting company sooner or later. And if, as seems likely now, Boozer doesn't opt out this year, you can kiss Mr. Millsap goodbye. From my vantage point, it is infinitely better to keep Millsap permanently, rather than keeping Boozer for one year.

Update: The trade deadline has come and gone with no Jazz moves.


Ryan said...

Interesting rumor. Yahoo is reporting that the Pistons are the new favorite to sign Boozer this offseason, but with this economy, I'm still not sure he's going to opt out.

Draft Guru said...

I'd do it for Wally, Hickson & a 1st. Otherwise, you're right... we'll see him walk away this summer for nothing (and risk our efforts in retaining Millsap in the process).

Orlando said...

Pistons are basically the only team that could realistically give him more money than he's making - and I highly doubt they do that. Unless Boozer gets back on the court and dominates - this year - he's coming back next year.

Orlando said...

I'd love to get Hickson in the deal - but I doubt that happens. If the deal happens (which seems unlikely with 25 minutes to go) it would likely be for Sczerbiak alone, with maybe some minor parts thrown in.

Draft Guru said...

Question: Where do think Boozer's value is at right now?

For one... he'll want security with a new longer-termed contract sooner rather than later (perhaps opting out).

However, he hasn't played all year. His value can't be very high. Does he opt out still?

Orlando said...

I don't think he can afford to opt out.

1. Other than the Pistons, no team can offer him a lucrative long-term deal. I think the Pistons have too many power forwards and not enough guards for the future.

2. Does any team (including the Jazz) take a long term risk on a guy that basically plays every other season?

3. With the economy as it is, no one can afford to overpay people. I think that fact alone means that Boozer sticks around next year, collects his $12 million and plays like a guy earning his keep.

Anonymous said...

Jazz are idiots - never taking a chance to go get a title.. we'll just stand pat and get to the 2nd round. Good enough for us.



Pasty Gangsta said...

I actually still think he might opt out. If Detroit is clearing cap space for him (as it seems) they'll probably communicate it to his agent and he'll have some idea what his options are. On the other hand, the Detroit franchise has to be getting hit harder than any place else right now.

For all of his weaknesses he's a 20-10 guy when he's healthy. That's a rare thing in the NBA.

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