Friday, February 6, 2009

The Team Pastor

I consider myself a fan of the NBA. I mean, I can name the Hawks' third string center (Solomon Jones) and I know where Mark Blount went to college (Pitt). But this morning, while reading the local DC paper, I learned something about the NBA that I had not known before: NBA teams, at least some of them, have clergy.
For instance, on Tuesday the Wizards' Mike James stood in for the Wizards' official clergyman, Pastor John Jenkins. James offered some spiritual nourishment to his meek and lowly team. Alas, even after the sermon, the Wizards lost.

This all got me thinking: if a team from Washington D.C. has a designated clergyman, what about a team that plays its home games a few blocks from ground zero of mormondom? The Jazz have to have a pastor, right? And if they do, is he mormon? If the DesNews could report on this, I would pay good money to read the insightful online comments.

For my part, I couldn't find anything on the web. However, if the Jazz need a fill-in at the pulpit, I can almost guarantee who pulls out his pregame bible: Kyle "Jesus freak" Korver. He loves church! See if you can find him this past October enjoying the sermon of Pastor Bernie.

Anyway, does anyone out there in WWWland have inside info on whether the Jazz have a pastor? Inquiring minds want to know.

UPDATE: According to Booner (who would know) the Jazz do not have a pastor. But they have a dentist.


Tucker McCann said...

The Jazz do NOT have a Pastor, but they do have a Dentist.

Orlando said...

Really? Why no pastor? Do they despise God?

Who is the Jazz dentist?

Tucker McCann said...

The Jazz Dentist is Cory Miller.
I have met him.

Orlando said...

Is the Jazz dentist, Cory Miller, allowed to give players "grills?" I mean can he do a "Marquis Daniels"?

Ryan said...

Do they have a team tatoo artist? I'd love to get a Fred Flintstone on my calf like my boy Tag.