Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kobe Coming To Town

Look who's coming to town... Kobe Bryant. Our favorite, quintessential "MJ" poser.

Do you hate Kobe? Hate is a strong word. But I can assure you that I dislike him.

ESPN's the Sportsguy provides us with a quality assessment of whether we are true Kobe haters or not. He categorizes antidotes of "hatred" in 5 distinct groups.

1. I see my Kobe glass as half empty

2. He's just so polarizing

3. I'm not willing to admit that he's the best

4. I don't like him personally

5. I hate Kobe... like I really hate him

As for me, I think that I fall somewhere in category #2 and #4... showing small signs of hatred. I'm certain that TCG's very own "Booner" borders on category #5.

As a teaser, here are some quotes that I enjoyed from the Sportsguy...

"I like watching him and arguing about him. I like being bothered and thrilled by him. And I really like when he plays like Michael J. Fox instead of The Wolf."

"THREE ASSISTS AND NO REBOUNDS. Talk about a team guy."

"When LeBron arrived in New York two days later and notched his amazing 52/9/11, he didn't break Kobe's new record but definitely cheapened it."

Go Jazz... Beat LA!


Pasty Gangsta said...

I was actually chatting with Booner about this very topic this morning. He said, and I quote, "I LOVE Kobe Bryant. I will admit that I used to not care for him much, but now I think he is the best player in the league. . . maybe the best player ever."

Shocking, I know.

Orlando said...

When Booner was in college, he had a Kobe Bryant poster secretly hidden under his bed that he would gaze upon at night.

His brother told me that story.

Tucker McCann said...

that is a LIE!

Tucker McCann said...

By the way, BOONER will be in attendance tonight, which is probably bad for his health since he simmers in anger as soon as Kobe walks on the floor.

Booner is definitely #5.