Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Difference-Maker

Jarron was ready to play. And when his number was called, he entered the ballgame and made a difference for the Jazz. Jarron scored 6 points for the Jazz and had an offensive board to go along with it. That may not sound like much, but when Jarron entered the ballgame, the Jazz were only up two points, 67-65, and when he left... the Jazz had blown open the game, winning 98-82 en route to a 105-86 victory. Jarron actually made a big difference.

As much as we "rip" on Jarron Collins, I have to give him credit for being ready to play. He played his role to perfection... unspectacular, steady, well-prepared which equaled to becoming a difference-maker. And how about his long-distance jumper (college 3-line extended)? Go get 'em JC! When the Jazz have players like Boozer and Kirilenko out with injury and Memo and Millsap struggling with foul trouble, at least we had someone willing to step up and help get us a victory last night.


Orlando said...

Kobe has nothing on Jarron Collins.
I say we let Boozer and Millsap walk and throw money at JC hoping that he develops.

Tucker McCann said...

When we say "JC" are we talking about Jarron Collins or Jesus?

Pasty Gangsta said...

Both perform miracles when working, that is for sure.

Collins has some of the worst stats in the league this year. Granted, he has not played much but "games played" and "minutes per game" are also stats in my book.

Anonymous said...


Jarron Collins runs a solid pick and roll - But jesus, did you see how hard he was breathing on the bench when Jerry pulled him?

Ryan said...

Good for Collins. He was ready when we needed him. Hopefully we won't need him again anytime soon because he's still no Greg Ostertag.

Orlando said...

Things that JC and Jesus have in common:

1. Sportsmanship
2. Underdog status
3. Loyalty
4. Expiring Contracts

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