Friday, February 6, 2009

Quotes & Questions

For those of you who didn't catch the game last night, our boys looked damn good.  Kyle Korver had nine boards for hell's sake.  But you know who looked even better?  The gents below, who offered up these pearls of wisdom on national television.
  • Mike "Czar of the Telestrator" Fratello on Matt Harping: "The thing about Harping in this league is that he eats you alive on the offensive and defensive ends of the court."  These are the comments that shed a little light on why Mike is hanging out in the announcer's booth instead of roaming the sidelines as a coach.  Note on the picture of the Czar below: he's the brosef on the left in the rainbow shirt.  Nice! 
  • Karl "The Mailman" Malone during TNT's halftime show: "Lamar Odom.  Lamar Odom.  Lamar Odom is my boy.  My boy is Lamar Odom."  Really bizarre.  Abosolutley no context whatsoever.  For the record, Lamar Odom had 20 points and six boards last night.  If that's all it takes to get Karl going he should really check out Andrea Bargnani's game.
  • Jason "Old Man" Kidd on Deron Williams: "Damn I'm old and slow.  D Will killed me tonight. . . did you see that play in the first half when he drove right by me and I didn't even try to stop him?  I'm amazed I was even 2-6 from the field -- 1-11 wouldn't have surprised me at all.  How ridiculous is it that I STARTED over him and Chris Paul during the Olympics?"  OK, Jason Kidd really didn't say that.  But he might as well have.  The Mavs are going nowhere this season or in the playoffs with that guy running the show for them.  
Finally, one question.  Lost in last night's blowout is the fact that Collins played twice as many minutes as Koufos.  Seriously?  We're honestly going to throw Collins out there against Tim Duncan or Yao or Bynum in the playoffs?  Come on.  The madness must stop.  


Ryan said...

Is that the commemorative Jason Kid special edition basketball card? I bet the Mavs are glad they don't have to play with Devin Harris anymore; Jason Kid is so much better and has so much more upside.

Orlando said...

I don't think Fratello watches much basketball.